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Iowa Campaigns Focus On Voters Over Pocketbooks

It's not about the money but rather how much support presidential candidates can muster when they visit Iowa during the caucus campaign season. This photo is from a Hillary Clinton campaign rally at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls on Sept. 14, 2015.

Donors big and small alike are pulling out their wallets in Iowa to support their candidates for the 2016 presidential election, but their contributions amount to little more than a drop in the bucket. There is, however, a currency in the heartland far more valuable than federally minted greenbacks that candidates are vying for. Continue Reading →

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What Was a Ton of Manure Worth in 1920?

A manure spreader, pictured in Emmet County, Iowa in 1936.

That was a question asked by farmers in 1920. And scientists at the Iowa State University (ISU) agriculture experiment station at Ames had an answer. Scientists at the facility tested several soil types throughout the state to find an answer to the critical question that was on farmers’ minds at the time. Continue Reading →

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100 Years Ago, Iowa Hog Farmer Becomes University President

Cheryl Mullenbach, "Iowa Stories" author

In 1911 a group of State University of Iowa (University of Iowa) alumni started a petition to oppose the appointment of the new president of the university. John Gabbert Bowman was only 33 years old and was about to become the youngest college president in the country. The alumni petition failed, and Bowman accepted the position in March. Continue Reading →

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Party Line Listener Helps Capture Thief

Young woman seated at switchboard circa 1922.

In the morning of September 25, 1913, Leon, Iowa Sheriff F. L. Lorey received a phone call from Deputy Sheriff Bob Craig in Shenandoah. Craig had gotten word from authorities in Fremont County, Nebraska, that a horse thief was hiding out near his town. Help came in the form of a neighbor listening in on Lorey's call. Continue Reading →

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News Quiz: Why Do Wind Turbines Pose Risk For Bats?

Windmill_CR horizontal Featured

Although the fungal white-nose syndrome is a better-known killer, wind turbines are also a threat to bats. The recent designation of the northern long-eared bat as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act triggered debates over how to best protect the bats. Test your knowledge on the impact of wind turbines on bats. Continue Reading →

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