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Bacon Remains Popular Despite Health Concerns


Despite links to health problems, including a World Health Organization report confirming that processed meats cause colorectal cancer, bacon has been popular enough in the last few years for pork industry workers to start referring to a “bacon tsunami.” The trend is good economic news for Iowa, the top pork-producing state in the US. Continue Reading →

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ADM, Monsanto campaign dollars fuel congress, not presidents

Local Democrat party headquarters in Champaign on Friday, January 29, 2016.

Although agriculture is a $31 billion industry in Iowa, it’s a topic absent from this election season’s share of presidential stump speeches. That’s not all too surprising, though. Instead of getting involved in presidential elections, major agribusinesses have historically chosen to pump their money into congressional races. Continue Reading →

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Iowa’s Topsoil In Sloped Areas Eroding Far Faster Than Desired


While average soil loss in Iowa falls closely in line with benchmarks set by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, some areas in the state are losing soil at as much as 10 times faster than the soil renewal rate. Continue Reading →

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Jobs Exist After 50, But So Do Pay, Professional Challenges


Workforce participation rates for those over the age of 55 have been climbing over the past few years and are expected to continue growing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This, according to University of Iowa Public Health Professor Brian Kaskie, is the new normal. Continue Reading →

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Rail Giant BNSF Accused of Telling Arbitrator: ‘Our Way or the Highway’ — Report

BNSF is based in Fort Worth, Texas, but has an Iowa office.

A run-of-the-mill employment dispute could become a major embarrassment for railroad giant BNSF over an allegation that a senior executive threatened to blackball an arbitrator from the industry if she ruled against the company. In a federal court case set to go to trial the week of Sept. 14 in Tacoma, Wash., a fired BNSF Railway Co. employee accuses the company of legal corruption. The suit claims that the BNSF executive pressured the arbitrator to reverse a proposed ruling that initially was in the worker’s favor. Continue Reading →

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Some College Student Renters Must Battle Unfair Charges, Rigged Damage Deposit Requirements


ONE OF TWO STORIES: Hundreds of college students who rent private apartments while attending Iowa’s three public universities routinely are being taken advantage of by landlords who unfairly withhold security deposits that might be owed back to the students. Continue Reading →

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Documents Reveal Improper Charges Dumped On Iowa City Student Renters


ONE OF TWO STORIES: Iowa City student renters have been nickeled and dimed for several years, losing security deposits and facing fees for automatic cleaning charges and damages to public spaces over which they have no control. Documents in an Iowa City court case reveal the charges. Continue Reading →

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Developing Connections Could Keep Young Talent In Iowa


Brain drain is not a new problem, but Iowa employers must adopt new ways to attract talent by developing personal connections by focusing on career opportunities, fostering connections between employees and the community and providing mentorships to nurture young talent, panelists at a July 22 Brain Drain forum said.

Continue Reading →

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