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Little-Recognized Illnesses Follow Iowa College Students To The Classroom


Illnesses students hide from public view challenge them in college, but also the colleges that have to accommodate those students, a special IowaWatch/Simpson College journalism report reveals. Continue Reading →

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Friends Of “Person Of Interest” Respond To Chinese Student’s Death


Yitong Ling would never have imagined her “super nice” friend Xiangnan Li would be the main person of interest in a suspicious murder case. Even so, Ling said she wasn’t surprised when the Iowa City Police Department released the news Monday, Sept. 29. Continue Reading →

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Governor On Board With University Funding Plan


A controversial new funding distribution plan for Iowa’s three state universities, proposed by the Board of Regents, appears to have strong support from Gov. Terry Branstad. “It makes sense to me that the focus should be on giving higher educational opportunities for Iowa in-state students,” Branstad said in an IowaWatch interview. Continue Reading →

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Iowa Chinese Students Struggle To Adjust, Feel Lack Of Support

Old Capitol photo

The University of Iowa has intensely recruited Chinese students since 2007, but has made little progress fostering their assimilation to campus life. In some respects, an IowaWatch investigation has found, the university’s practices make interactions with domestic students more difficult and increase isolation. Continue Reading →

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