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Chinese Students Still Struggle With University System in Iowa


Chinese students at the University of Iowa continue to try making do in a system that isn’t tailored to them, from the admissions process to academics and life on campus, despite moves by the university and others over the past several years to make life more pleasant for them in the United States. Continue Reading →

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Potent ‘Study’ Drugs Still Popular For College Students, Despite The Danger

Prescription bottles of Adderall (left) and Vyvanse.

A little blue pill, popped one hour before a student hits the library, is now considered the key to getting A’s in college. College students are relying on drugs like Adderall and Vyvanse to meet the strains of a competitive college curriculum. Continue Reading →

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Hidden Illnesses At Iowa Colleges: Your Portal to IowaWatch/Simpson College Journalism Project


Challenging for the students, but also to colleges and universities, hidden illnesses that students cope with with getting college degrees drastically impact how they deal with their studies, an IowaWatch/Simpson College journalism report in late spring revealed. These stories, by Simpson College students before they graduated in spring 2015 and took full-time work in journalism, explain the problem and possible solutions.
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Inside The Reporter’s Notebook: How The Gazette Dug Into High State Tax Credit For Private Schools


The Gazette's investigative reporter Erin Jordan explains the reporting she did to reveal why some Iowans are concerned about a generous tax credit Student Tuition Organizations get to assist students at private schools. Continue Reading →

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Some College Student Renters Must Battle Unfair Charges, Rigged Damage Deposit Requirements


ONE OF TWO STORIES: Hundreds of college students who rent private apartments while attending Iowa’s three public universities routinely are being taken advantage of by landlords who unfairly withhold security deposits that might be owed back to the students. Continue Reading →

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Developing Connections Could Keep Young Talent In Iowa


Brain drain is not a new problem, but Iowa employers must adopt new ways to attract talent by developing personal connections by focusing on career opportunities, fostering connections between employees and the community and providing mentorships to nurture young talent, panelists at a July 22 Brain Drain forum said.

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Years Later, Little Change In Missing Student Policies


In 2009, two Iowa college students went missing and the responses highlighted differences in the way universities handle missing persons cases and the challenges in dealing with adults who go missing. Polices haven’t changed much since then, officials said this week, although social media growth allows word to spread more quickly and updated requirements under the Clery Act lend more transparency to campus missing persons polices. Continue Reading →

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Best And Worst College Major Lists Challenge New Grads In Job Hunts

Grad Featured

Here's a challenge: go ask a bunch of 5-year-old kids what they want to be when they grow up. Spoiler alert: most kids probably aren't going to say biomedical engineer, computer scientist, or electrical engineer.

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Behind That Heavily Criticized Theater Major: Experiences, Skills For Multiple Jobs

Worst Majors-Featured

Some combination of fine arts, drama, theater, and visual and performing arts appears on almost every “worthless college major” list on the Internet. But theater students view their major as anything but worthless. Continue Reading →

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