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School District Responses Show Varied Interpretations Of Iowa Open Records Law

The Iowa City Community School District office is shown April 4. The district was the only one to assess a fee.

Parents, or any member of the public for that matter, who ask some of Iowa's largest school districts how their district deals with emergency lock downs for their children's safety would have difficulty obtaining the district's policy. Continue Reading →

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Depression In College: Video Interviews With Students On Battling Depression


TWO VIDEO REPORTS: The personal stories of a University of Northern Iowa student and recent University of Iowa graduate bring to life the problems students with depression deal with when trying to earn a college degree. See them tell their stories in this special report, "Depression in College". Continue Reading →

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Depression In College: Students’ Struggles With Depression Add Barrier to Graduation


IowaWatch reporters Linh Ta and Rana Moustafa spoke with Iowa college students diagnosed with depression who said it impacted their performance in the classroom, but they often feared to reveal their struggles because of the stigma associated with the disease. Read and hear their stories in this comprehensive report. Continue Reading →

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Students Battling Depression Reveal Their Personal Struggles To Graduate

Art major Jordon Deutmeyer stands outside of the University of Northern Iowa Honors Cottage in December 2013.

Anxiety, depression and stress are reality for Jordon Deutmeyer, a 23-year-old University of Northern Iowa student who has dropped out of two schools, attempted suicide, and failed a multitude of classes. “I just remember trying really hard in all of my classes,” Deutmeyer said. “I never skipped, I never did anything, I tried really hard. I would just get C's back or fail. “And the more times I did that, the more it was pounding into me that I was an inferior student and I don't belong here.”
He got a lesson that any college students dealing with depression learn – that while earning a bachelor's degree in college requires anyone to overcome obstacles, students with depression can find themselves overcoming even darker challenges. Continue Reading →

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Internet Insults Follow Transgender UNI Homecoming Queen Crowning


Steven Sanchez's life has been a whirlwind since becoming the first transgender student to win the University of Northern Iowa’s Homecoming queen competition on Oct. 11. Now, he is receiving negative feedback via Internet coverage of his unusual win, reading insults while being called a freak, pervert or an “it.” Continue Reading →

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Moves In Iowa Are Aimed At Reducing The State’s Black Imprisonment Rate

DaveSelmon_HawkEye photo

Dave Selmon says there is no right way to do wrong. “It will catch up with you sooner or later,” the 56-year-old Burlington man said, tapping a lifetime of personal experiences. “I think we have too many young black men walking in darkness. A life of crime and trying to get things the easy way is not the answer.”

He didn’t always think that way. In the early 1990s Selmon was into selling and using drugs. Continue Reading →

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West Liberty School Superintendent Explains Dual Language Program in Interview


In August 2013 IowaWatch and West Liberty Index reporter Stephen Gruber-Miller interviewed West Liberty schools Superintendent Steve Hanson about the district’s dual language program. District officials say the program has helped improve the educational experience and outcomes in their schools. Continue Reading →

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