The Iowa Capitol is shown May 31, 2016.

Iowa Legislator Wants To Push For Personhood Rights For All Fetuses

An Iowa state senator said he wants the Iowa Legislature to define life as beginning at conception following a June 27 U.S. Supreme Court decision that limits how much states can restrict abortion access. But the constitutionality of any legislation along those lines would be contrary to previous Supreme Court decisions, an Iowa legal expert says.

Visitors to the Newseum Institute in Washington, D.C., are asked whether or not colleges and universities should limit speech as a way to protect students from hateful comments. The informal result when this photo was taken April 3, 2016, was no.

Search For Civil Speech On College Campuses Collides With First Amendment

An IowaWatch college media journalism project in late winter and early spring found a general aversion to limiting speech and expression on several Iowa campuses but willingness among some to regulate speech – hate speech for instance – that threatens someone. One of several stories in this report.