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Newspapers Piling Up Since 2009 While State Historical Society Decides How To Preserve Them

Bundles of daily papers have overflowed onto the floor in the library of the State Historical Building in Des Moines on February 17, 2015. At last count, the State Historical Society of Iowa collected 299 weeklies and 35 daily papers. Following budget cuts in 2009, the historical society no longer has funds to microfilm the papers.

Bundled stacks of newspaper fill shelves and overflow onto the floor in the archives of the State Historical Society of Iowa in Des Moines. How they will be archived is anybody's guess. And the piles grow. Continue Reading →

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Narrower Focus In 2015 Attempt To Legislate Dog Breeding Facility Inspections In Iowa


A renewed attempt will be made again this legislative session to strengthen Iowa’s ability to inspect and regulate large dog breeding facilities in the state, but with a scaled-down focus. Continue Reading →

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30 Years In, Iowa Lottery Runs Contrary To States That Directly Fund Public Education


Iowa has resisted a trend adopted by other states of funneling lottery proceeds straight into public education. Yet, a myth that the Iowa Lottery, which marks its 30th anniversary milestone this year, does is so prevalent that Mary Neubauer, Iowa Lottery’s vice president of external relations, said she continually has to clarify the misconception. Continue Reading →

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Trends Show Partisan Voting Popularity In Iowa


One of every three Iowans – 37 percent – voted a straight ticket for the candidates of one political party in the 2014 general election, statistics the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office compiled for the first time revealed. Continue Reading →

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Video Report: Iowans Talk About Negative Ads


We talked with Iowa voters about negative advertisements and the role they played in how they voted on Election Day. These voters spoke on Nov. 4, 2014, about their views on negative ads regardless of their political party. Overall, these interviews had a sense of cynicism towards these ads. Take a news quiz about the truth behind four attack ads in Iowa's U.S. Senate race:
News quiz by Lauren Mills/IowaWatch
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