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Clinton Finds Herself Answering To Other Democrats As Well As Republicans After Iowa


Hillary Clinton came to Iowa in 2016 to exorcise what plagued her surprise 2008 failure to win the Democratic presidential precinct caucuses but end up with a fight on her hands. Bernie Sanders is making a strong push to be the Democratic presidential nominee. Continue Reading →

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Big Crowds, Some Delays And Winners and Losers in Iowa’s Caucuses

Democratic caucus-goers at the University of Northern Iowa's Maucker Union form viable groups for delegates the night of Feb. 1, 2016.

Ted Cruz pulled out a win but but Donald Trump and Marco Rubio could claim wins, too, for Republicans while Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were virtually tied in the Iowa presidential precinct caucuses marked by huge turnouts Monday night. Continue Reading →

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Iowa’s Judicial Branch Flunks Transparency Survey Despite Landmark Reports Availability

Iowa Supreme Court building in Des Moines.

Iowa’s Judicial Branch flunked a recent transparency and accountability study because of barriers to public access to information, a lack of legal requirements for judicial evaluations and issues surrounding potential conflicts of interest. They include limited access judicial officers’ asset disclosures and a lack of restrictions on judges returning to the private sector after the bench.
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