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Depression In College: Video Interviews With Students On Battling Depression


TWO VIDEO REPORTS: The personal stories of a University of Northern Iowa student and recent University of Iowa graduate bring to life the problems students with depression deal with when trying to earn a college degree. See them tell their stories in this special report, "Depression in College". Continue Reading →

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Depression In College: Students’ Struggles With Depression Add Barrier to Graduation


IowaWatch reporters Linh Ta and Rana Moustafa spoke with Iowa college students diagnosed with depression who said it impacted their performance in the classroom, but they often feared to reveal their struggles because of the stigma associated with the disease. Read and hear their stories in this comprehensive report. Continue Reading →

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Students Battling Depression Reveal Their Personal Struggles To Graduate

Art major Jordon Deutmeyer stands outside of the University of Northern Iowa Honors Cottage in December 2013.

Anxiety, depression and stress are reality for Jordon Deutmeyer, a 23-year-old University of Northern Iowa student who has dropped out of two schools, attempted suicide, and failed a multitude of classes. “I just remember trying really hard in all of my classes,” Deutmeyer said. “I never skipped, I never did anything, I tried really hard. I would just get C's back or fail. “And the more times I did that, the more it was pounding into me that I was an inferior student and I don't belong here.”
He got a lesson that any college students dealing with depression learn – that while earning a bachelor's degree in college requires anyone to overcome obstacles, students with depression can find themselves overcoming even darker challenges. Continue Reading →

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Expect No Farm Safety Legislation This Year In Iowa


Support from Iowa lawmakers for stricter farm safety regulation does not exist in the new legislative session. This is despite agriculture being Iowa’s deadliest occupation and limited Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforcement and coverage. No one is pushing for state remedies, or calling for a federal government they distrust to improve farm safety to step in. Moreover, Gov. Terry Branstad says he would not support a new or more aggressive program for agricultural safety. “I think that would be a detriment to agriculture,” Branstad told IowaWatch in an interview at the opening of the session. Continue Reading →

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Little Information Exists About Hazardous Materials Traveling Across Iowa

The Cedar Rapids and Linn Metro Hazmat Task Force truck stands ready in the Cedar Rapids Fire Station on December 16, 2013.

Special IowaWatch/Investigative News Network report: The Iowa Department of Transportation does not track or permit vehicles carrying hazardous materials in Iowa. The Office of Rail Transportation has some data, but it is limited to broad categories, some of which encompass both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, making it hard to determine what is traveling through. Continue Reading →

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A California state court ruling against the lead paint industry broke the industry’s perfect record of defending suits by public agencies seeking to extract money for removal of flaking lead paint from older homes and apartments. Omaha-based ConAgra Grocery Products Co. is one of three defendants in the case, which resulted in a huge ruling involving cash. Continue Reading →

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Farm Safety Experts: New Technologies That Improve Safety Are Here To Stay


New technology from drones to tractor rollover detection are aimed at keeping farmers out of dangerous situations. Drones, modified from their current military use, could be flying soon over Iowa corn fields, allowing farmers to check on growth from comfort and safety.
Continue Reading →

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