The Iowa Capitol is shown May 31, 2016.

Iowa Legislator Wants To Push For Personhood Rights For All Fetuses

An Iowa state senator said he wants the Iowa Legislature to define life as beginning at conception following a June 27 U.S. Supreme Court decision that limits how much states can restrict abortion access. But the constitutionality of any legislation along those lines would be contrary to previous Supreme Court decisions, an Iowa legal expert says.

A sign for van-accessible handicapped parking is shown outside a Cedar Rapids school on May 12, 2016. In an IowaWatch review of Iowa school districts' annual equity reviews, the category with the most ADA non-compliance citations was parking, including passenger loading zones. The reviews are conducted by the Iowa Department of Education in a handful of districts each year.

Most Iowa School Districts Don’t Comply With Americans With Disabilities Act

When Cael Rudkin was in first grade at West Marshall Elementary School he got stuck outside one day because none of the school’s doors had handicap accessible push buttons. Fact is, the majority of Iowa school districts reviewed by the Iowa Department of Education do not meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards, an IowaWatch investigation revealed.


Bacon Remains Popular Despite Health Concerns

Despite links to health problems, including a World Health Organization report confirming that processed meats cause colorectal cancer, bacon has been popular enough in the last few years for pork industry workers to start referring to a “bacon tsunami.” The trend is good economic news for Iowa, the top pork-producing state in the US.