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Frustrated Patients Disrupted While Iowa Figures Out How To Make Medicinal Marijuana Practical

News 21 photo

When Logan Edwards returned home to Davenport in 2008 after his deployment in Iraq as a Marine, he was anything but the same. Now his life intersects with Iowa’s Medical Cannabidiol Act that became law in July of 2014 allowed the use of cannabidiol, or CBD, to treat intractable epilepsy. Continue Reading →

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Potent ‘Study’ Drugs Still Popular For College Students, Despite The Danger

Prescription bottles of Adderall (left) and Vyvanse.

A little blue pill, popped one hour before a student hits the library, is now considered the key to getting A’s in college. College students are relying on drugs like Adderall and Vyvanse to meet the strains of a competitive college curriculum. Continue Reading →

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Hidden Illnesses At Iowa Colleges: Your Portal to IowaWatch/Simpson College Journalism Project


Challenging for the students, but also to colleges and universities, hidden illnesses that students cope with with getting college degrees drastically impact how they deal with their studies, an IowaWatch/Simpson College journalism report in late spring revealed. These stories, by Simpson College students before they graduated in spring 2015 and took full-time work in journalism, explain the problem and possible solutions.
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Federal Restrictions Put Clamp On Medicinal Marijuana Research: News21 report

A scientist at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy examines a cannabis sample. (Courtesy of the University of Mississippi)

Research on marijuana’s potential for medicinal use has been hampered for years by federal restrictions, even though nearly half of the states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana in some form. News21 report. Continue Reading →

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Severity Of Algae In Iowa Lakes Is On The Rise


That paint-like scum that covers some Iowa lakes every summer isn’t just gross and smelly. People, pets, and livestock coming into contact with or ingesting toxins produced by the algae are at risk to symptoms including skin rashes, gastrointestinal issues and, in high doses, liver failure. Continue Reading →

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Busy Coralville Lake Algae Levels Safe; Battle Continues At Eastern Iowa Recreation Areas


Beach-goers in eastern Iowa's Johnson County looking for a final summer swim before school starts should be aware of two unpleasant dangers — toxic algae and E. coli. [One of two stories in a special IowaWatch-Iowa City Press-Citizen collaboration.] Continue Reading →

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The Science Of Iowa Lake Scum

A photo of an algae bloom this summer on Green Valley Lake in Union County.

Only certain strains of cyanobacteria can produce toxins, although they don’t always do so.

“Scientists generally agree that the cyanobacteria evolved this ability to produce toxin either as a competitive advantage or as some sort of protection,” Mary Skopec, who heads the Iowa Department of Natural Resources beach monitoring program, said. Continue Reading →

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