News Quiz: Why Do Wind Turbines Pose Risk For Bats?

Although the fungal white-nose syndrome is a better-known killer, wind turbines are also a threat to bats. The recent designation of the northern long-eared bat as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act triggered debates over how to best protect the bats. Test your knowledge on the impact of wind turbines on bats.

News Quiz: How is Iowa Lottery Money Spent?

The Iowa Lottery hit its 30th anniversary this year. During its three-decade existence gamblers have spent $6 billion on the lottery, with $1.3 billion going to the general fund that supports Iowa’s state government. How else has that $6 billion been spent? Take the news quiz and find out.

News Quiz: Marijuana in the 50 States

Twenty-three states, plus the District of Columbia, have loosened rules surrounding medical marijuana and four have legalized recreational use. With statehouses, including that in Iowa, facing debates over legalization, the legal situation surrounding marijuana use is constantly changing. Have you been able to keep up?

News Quiz: Understanding Iowa’s Presidential Caucuses

The presidential race is heating up in Iowa but also other states. Each state has its own way of determining which candidate from the Republican and Democratic parties will get support. These three questions should help you understand Iowa’s method – the precinct caucuses.

News Quiz: Algae in Iowa Lakes

This year, Iowa’s state-owned beaches set records for the number of health advisories issued for high microcystin levels. Microcystin is a liver toxin that can form from cyanobacteria, commonly called blue-green algae. Test your knowledge of algae and microcystin in Iowa lakes.

News Quiz: Iowa’s Unsolved Murders

The term “cold case” doesn’t always sit well with law enforcement officials who are seeking and following leads in a criminal investigation. The reason: they still are investigating, for example a murder, but while they have not solved the case they also are not letting on a pile of work gather dust.

News Quiz: Grant Wood

Iowa painter Grant Wood, recognized mainly for his regionalist style and portrayal of the American Midwest, was born in Anamosa, Iowa, in 1891, and lived there for ten years until the death of his father. For the remainder of his life, Wood lived mostly in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, and is still celebrated as a famous Iowan.