News Quiz: Relationship between Iowa and China

Gov. Terry Branstad said in a summer IowaWatch interview that Iowa needs to maintain trade relationships with China and get good business deals with partners in that country. Iowa has built significant economic and diplomatic relationships with China since the 1980s. Find out in this news quiz how much you know about Iowa-Chinese relations.

News Quiz: Scams Targeting The Elderly

A recent IowaWatch report reveals that many elderly people have become scammers’ easy targets and lost billions of dollars in the past several years. Take this news quiz and find out how much you know about financial scams that target seniors, and how to deal with them.

News Quiz: Managing Iowa’s Landfills

Iowans dumped 2.7 million tons of garbage into landfills last year. One method the Iowa Department of Natural Resources promotes to reduce the negative influence of dumping all that garbage has on the environment is called the Environmental Management System, but many Iowa landfill operators are reluctant to adopt this new system. How much do you know about Iowa’s efforts to reduce garbage put into landfills?

News Quiz: Iowa Pulitzer Prize Winners for Journalism

Each year, the Pulitzer Prize administration gives out 21 awards for American journalism, literature, drama and music. Prizes are offered in 14 journalistic categories, including public service reporting, investigative reporting, feature writing and feature and breaking news photography. Do you know what prizes have been awarded to Iowa journalists? Find out with this news quiz.

News Quiz: Native American History in Iowa

An estimated 17 different Native American tribes have lived in Iowa, according to Iowa’s Official Register, a 2011 document by the State Library of Iowa. How familiar are you with the history surrounding the tribes that lived in Iowa?

News Quiz: Perspectives on Climate Change

According to a Pew Research Center survey, 22 percent of U.S. adults say climate change is due to natural patterns and one-quarter believe there is no solid evidence Earth is getting warmer, despite a large consensus in the scientific community. A recent national survey and an informal state survey conducted by IowaWatch, working with the Cedar Falls High School Tiger Hi-Line, show this conflict also plays out in the classroom. Check your knowledge of recent research on climate change and how climate change is taught.

News Quiz: Becoming Iowa’s City Of Literature

On Nov. 20, 2008, UNESCO named Iowa City, Iowa its third City of Literature, after Edinburgh, Scotland and Melbourne, Australia. Test your knowledge on Iowa’s City of Literature and learn more about its literary identity and tradition.

News Quiz: Impact of Iowa Caucuses on State’s Registered Voters

Recent data on Iowa’s registered voters revealed shifts among their party affiliations in the months before, during and following the state’s 2008, 2012 and 2016 presidential precinct caucuses. Taking a closer look at in those caucuses, IowaWatch discovered intriguing trends. Do you have the knowledge to determine some of these changes?

News Quiz: What Is An Opioid And What Makes It Dangerous?

Opioid abuse, in the form of prescription painkillers and heroin, has contributed to a growing number of Iowa emergency room visits and overdose deaths in the past decade. Although some efforts are underway to counteract the trend, IowaWatch recently examined one life-saving measure — bills providing expanded access to an overdose reversal drug called naloxone — that have failed to pass through the Iowa Legislature.