News Quiz: Managing Iowa’s Landfills

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Sujin Kim/IowaWatch

Metro Waste Authority's Metro Park East Landfill is shown in this photo from the fall of 2012.

We usually encounter garbage and trash daily, but you might not think about the impact of throwing unwanted items into garbage bins. Iowans dumped 2.7 million tons of garbage into landfills last year. One method the Iowa Department of Natural Resources promotes to reduce the negative influence of dumping all that garbage has on the environment is called the Environmental Management System (EMS). This voluntary program guides landfills for treating solid waste but also trains landfill operators to be aware of their environmental responsibility, promotes environmental stewardship and encourages continuous improvement. But many Iowa landfill operators are reluctant to adopt this new system. These three questions can help you know more about Iowa landfills and the Environmental Management System.