Watch Iowans Tell You About Post-Election Rhetoric On Their College Campuses

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The historic presidential election campaign is in the past but the heated rhetoric that marked it has not resided fully on college campuses in Iowa, the state that hosts the nation’s first-in-the-nation presidential campaign precinct caucuses.

A spring 2017 IowaWatch report explains further. It is a natural follow-up to a report last year on whether or not limits exist for free speech on Iowa college campuses.

Reporters in a spring 2017 IowaWatch/College Media journalism report on campus rhetoric turned up several responses. Here, in their own words, are what some of those interviewed said:

Loras College: Video by Sami Graff
Adrienne Pearson, student

Naomi Clark, assistant professor of English

Taylor Fischer, student

University of Iowa: Video by Krista Johnson (Kelleher) and Julia Davis (Belkale)
Erin Kelleher, teaching assistant
English and Creative Writing

Medhuri Belkale, student

William Penn University: Video by Jeremy Esparza
Aaron Clemens, student

Nezreen Iskandrani, student

University of Northern Iowa: Video by Leziga Barikor
Sashay Carroll, student

Buena Vista University: Video by Lindsey Graham
Morgan Langan, student



Student journalists on six Iowa college campuses spent spring 2017 researching and writing this report under the direction of IowaWatch’s Stephen Berry. Team members were: Julia Davis and Krista Johnson, of the University of Iowa; Leziga Barikor, of the University of Northern Iowa; Susan Haack, Allyssa Ertz, Lindsey Graham, Tiffany Brauckman, Emily Kenny, Dee Friesen, Chris Habermann, Chase Harrison, Corey McConnaughy and Kyle Wiebers, of Buena Vista University; Sami Graff, of Loras College; Temesha Derby, of Simpson College; and Jeremy Esparza, of William Penn University. Special thanks to Andrea Frantz, Buena Vista University.