Database: Iowa Levee Inspections

Browse this IowaWatch database of levee inspections in Iowa. An IowaWatch story says Iowa towns are at risk because of spotty inspections and an inability to respond efficiently to flaws that exist in some levees.

Databases: Drugs and Iowa Children — Updated

Between 2003 and 2011, more than 11,150 children were found to have illicit drugs in their system, information from the Department of Human Services shows. An interactive IowaWatch map shows you how bad the problem is in your Iowa county.

Guns on Campus: A poll of University of Iowa Students

A survey by a University of Iowa journalism class found UI students generally feel safe on campus and support the current campus weapons ban. The survey also looked into how students felt about proposed federal bans on high-capacity ammunition clips and semi-automatic rifles. The poll was conducted by the Advanced Reporting and Writing: Polling Literacy and Public Affairs Journalism class taught by Stephen Berry, an associate professor of Journalism and Mass Communication and co-founder of David W. Moore, former vice president of the Gallup Organization and a senior editor with the Gallup Poll for 13 years, assisted with the study. Read more about the findings in an article by IowaWatch’s Robert Maharry.