Repeat sex offender again lives in care center

As a result of an Iowa judge's order, William Cubbage, a four-time convicted sex offender, will not stand trial in civil proceedings based on the alleged 2011 sexual assault of a 95-year-old nursing home resident. He has instead been moved into a geriatric ward at the Mental Health Institute in Clarinda. The identity of the judge and the basis for the order are being kept confidential.

Source: The Des Moines Register

Posted on: May 2, 2014

Estates billed for insurance costs

Iowa is one of 10 states invoking an obscure part of the Affordable Care Act, an estate-recovery policy for people on expanded Medicaid programs. Nearly 14,000 Iowan's are affected by the policy, which bills an estate for medical bills racked up during nursing home stays or similar care.

Source: The Des Moines Register

Posted on: March 17, 2014

After nursing home slaying, new legislation

After last year's homicide at a Fayette County care facility, the Iowa House is looking at a bill requiring administrators to notify patients, visitors, workers and others when a registered sex offender moves into a care facility. The bill does not address violent offenders convicted of crimes that aren’t sexual in nature.

Source: The Des Moines Register

Posted on: February 14, 2013