Building A Database For Iowa’s Wells

Testing on private wells through the Iowa’s Grants to Counties program is recorded in a Private Well Tracking System database maintained by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The database, in use since 2003, also includes information about things like well depth, age, location and construction, when it is known.

Potential Contaminants In Your Iowa Well Water

A consumer information booklet produced by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources lists potential contaminants that include nitrate, bacteria, sulfur, fluoride, arsenic, lead and radionuclides, which are carcinogenic radioactive elements that occur as uranium and thorium isotopes decay.

Iowa Bridges Among Worst in the Country, Study Finds

After a national study was taken, it was found that Iowa’s bridges were the among the most structurally deficient in the country. Although many of the bridges will remain safe for up to 50 years, the state and cities are struggling with finding funds to fix the bridges.