Big push in Iowa to decriminalize failure to tell intimate partner about HIV infection

Advocates calling for an end to Iowa’s law that makes failure to reveal an HIV infection to an intimate partner are making a big push in Iowa this week to lobby state legislators to change the law. State Sen. Matt McCoy (D-Des Moines), who filed a bill in this General Assembly that decriminalizes failure to disclose and calls for other reforms in Iowa’s HIV notification law, said that Thursday, Feb. 7, is a particularly important day for the bill. That is when supporters will make their biggest push in Des Moines. “We’re hoping it’ll be a great time to educate a lot of legislators on why we need to reform the HIV criminalization statute, and why we need to bring HIV in line with other communicable diseases,” McCoy said.

Senate Bill Would Ease HIV Transmission Law

State legislators are expected to consider a bill to ease parts of a controversial Iowa law allowing
imprisonment of HIV-infected people for up to 25 years if they don’t reveal their condition
before having “intimate contact” with another person.