More Dog Breeding Inspections In U.S., But Only 120 Inspectors Available In The Country

Federal inspectors say they have increased their dog breeding facility inspections after a critical 2010 review that said the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service was not doing enough. But the inspection service had only 120 inspectors to check some 10,000 licensed dog breeding facilities in the United States.

Podcast: KXIC ‘Your Town’ Features IowaWatch Puppy Mill Story, Jacob Luplow

IowaWatch summer 2014 intern Jacob Luplow and executive director-editor Lyle Muller were the guests on the Tuesday, Oct. 21, “Your Town” show on KXIC radio, AM 800, in Iowa City. Host Jay Capron talked with Luplow, a student at Cornell College, about an IowaWatch story he did about troublesome dog breeders who repeatedly violate Animal Welfare Act regulations designed to protect animal health, but who get to keep animals while being cited for those repeat violations. He talked with Muller about other work being done at IowaWatch. You may listen to Capron’s conversation with IowaWatch by skipping to the 20-minute mark of this one-hour podcast.