19th Century Iowa Girl Goes From Mining Camps to New York City Jack-Of-All-Trades

“Father was a gold seeker, and when he determined to adopt the roving miner’s life he put me in training for rough experiences, for I had no mother and he would not leave me behind,” Cynthia Westover described her early childhood as the daughter of a geologist father. “He taught me to shoot, I could handle a rifle, and always carried a small Colt’s revolver in my belt.”

ISU’s J-school director blasts CU talk of closing journalism school

After officials at the University of Colorado-Boulder announced it would replace its journalism school with an information, communication and technology program, Micheal Bugeja, director of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Iowa  State University,  wrote this essay, critical of the process, published Monday in Inside Higher Education. In it he writes that “people study and practice journalism to advocate for and advance the unvarnished truth, which is why the discipline is needed in Boulder and why discontinuing it will haunt the University of Colorado for generations to come.”