News Quiz: Iowa’s Bird Flu Outbreak

On Thursday, Gov. Terry Branstad requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration for four Iowa counties due to the bird flu outbreak that, according to the governor’s press release has affected 77 sites and over 33 million birds in Iowa. The outbreak has raised concerns about the potential impact of the virus. Test your knowledge of the avian flu with these few questions.

News Quiz: Iowa’s Governors

Terry Branstad’s inauguration for a sixth term as Iowa governor is scheduled for Jan. 16, extending his record as Iowa’s longest-serving governor. Test your knowledge on some of the other chief executives who have served the state during its history.

Branstad: Increased Gas Tax Unlikely, Need New Way to Raise Road Construction Funds

Don’t expect to see a gas tax increase in Iowa next year. While Iowa’s roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair, Gov. Terry Branstad does not see the sense in raising a tax which he said lacks public support. “It’s very unpopular,” he said in an interview with IowaWatch on Tuesday, “and frankly the Legislature couldn’t get the votes before they adjourned.”

Large Livestock Farms Spread Across Iowa, Threatening Waterways

A major environmental threat has emerged as factory farms take over more and more of the nation’s livestock production: Pollution from the waste produced by the immense crush of animals. Iowa has more of the massive livestock feeding lots, known as concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, than any other state and has come under fire for lax regulations.