Evans: We benefit from these doses of inspiration

I’m sure we all have been inspired at one time or another by a gifted speaker. Maybe it was a pastor or teacher. Maybe it was a leader who is a skilled orator. Or it might have been someone else who connected with us and delivered a memorable message. In the past few weeks, a couple of speakers have done that for me.

Iowa History: World’s Only Female Boat Captain

“I can’t resist the desire to be on the steamer. It is positively fascinating this life and grows upon me.” The words of Ida Moore Lachmund of Clinton, Iowa, were shocking in 1897. She was talking about her life as a river boat captain on the Mississippi River. It wasn’t a typical career for women at the time. Ida Moore Patterson was born and educated in Philadelphia.

News Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of Iowa Newspaper History

For as long as Iowa has existed newspapers have recorded the events and people shaping communities, informing current residents but also leaving a history for future generations. But you might not be aware of a few things found in the history of Iowa newspapers.

News Quiz: Iowa Flooding

According to a 2014 White House National Climate Assessment report, an analysis of rainfall patterns in Iowa shows a significant increase in the number of days with heavy rainfall, despite no increase in total annual precipitation. Major cities across Iowa have suffered multi-million dollar losses from floods over the past two decades. Do you know some of the history and facts behind flooding in Iowa?

High School Graduation in 1896

“As usual, this year’s class was the best in history.” The newspaper reporter who covered the Centerville High School class of 1896 must have been a cantankerous, but seasoned writer. And he certainly had attended more graduation ceremonies than he cared to in his lifetime.