Obama in Iowa City

With student Stafford loan interest rates on the verge of doubling, President Barack Obama entered the University of Iowa’s Field House today and urged students to appeal to Congress to extend the rate freeze before it jumps to 6.8 percent in July.

Affordable Housing Advocates Challenge, Stereotypes

At 53, Rose LaGrange is living her dream.
She became a first-time homeowner in November 2009 with the help of a program administered by the Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County, an organization that supports affordable housing by funding affordable home ownership, rental and transitional housing.

After Years of Debate, Lack of Action Frustrates Hopes for Affordable Housing

For more than a decade, Iowa City has grappled with a chronic social problem – how to provide adequate and affordable housing for people who don’t earn enough to pay for a place to live. The dilemma seems to have stumped and perhaps frustrated everyone involved – city officials, housing providers, the school district administrators, developers and especially the people these programs are supposed to help.

UI Professor Denies Sexual Abuse, Assault

Testifying in his own defense in Johnson County District Court, Assistant Prof. Toshiki Itoh said Thursday he did not assault and sexually abuse his lab assistant as the woman had alleged earlier in the trial.

Itoh, 47, a member of the faculty at University of Iowa’s pathology department, said he never twisted her breast with a paper clip and denied that he ever threatened to fire her. Earlier in the day, Itoh’s wife, Yuka Itoh, said she and her husband treated the lab assistant as a sister who came to their home on the holidays.