View Our 990 Tax Return for 2017

The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism, which runs, has filed its 990 tax return for 2017. The return shows what the nonprofit center reported as earning and spending in the past calendar year. The center, founded in February 2010, spent $125,312, while raising $122,935 in 2017, the return shows. The center received a boost at the end of the year when donors responded to the center’s inclusion in a Knight News Match fund drive. That fund drive resulted in a $19,020 match disbursed in 2018.

From the editor: Fixing our mistakes

Dear Friends of IowaWatch:

As those of you who have followed our adventure into the wilds of the non-profit journalism movement may know, last week was one we would like to forget. Our editing system – the one I created – failed. We published some fact errors, including a serious misquote. Now, we want to do something about that, and I want your help. The errors appeared in a major explanatory project of vital importance to the public, which means more is at stake here than IowaWatch’s wounded ego.