Huge Debts Temper Job Searches For 2014 College Graduates In Iowa

Plenty of seniors on Iowa college campuses interviewed this spring for an IowaWatch report on college debt and attitudes about finding a job have been in an ‘in-the-now moment’. They will graduate soon and many of them don’t have solid plans for paying the bills.

College Debt Dictates Post-Graduate Options

It figures. Graduating from college with little or no debt is giving the Class of 2014 more freedom to chose what they want to do after getting degrees in May. Read about three different situations at college campuses in Iowa.

Obama in Iowa City

With student Stafford loan interest rates on the verge of doubling, President Barack Obama entered the University of Iowa’s Field House today and urged students to appeal to Congress to extend the rate freeze before it jumps to 6.8 percent in July.