News Quiz: Updates on IowaWatch Stories

You’ve read about tanning beds, texting while driving and farm safety in IowaWatch stories this past year. This week’s news quiz brings you up to date as of March 20 on where these matters stand in the Iowa Legislature.

News Quiz: Texting While Driving

Iowa legislators are taking another look at legislation to prohibit cellphone use while driving, in an effort to give more teeth to the current texting law. Last year, legislation that proposed making texting while driving a primary offense, meaning law enforcement officials could pull drivers over for texting alone, died in the Iowa House. Test your knowledge on the current texting law and the bill proposed by the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Video Report: Iowa’s Texting-While-Driving Ban Hard To Enforce

Iowa’s law banning texting while driving is hard to enforce because of how it is written. This video report explains that Iowa convicted an average of only 2.5 drivers per county for texting in 2013, even as the number of texting-related crashes has started to rise in Iowa.

Iowa’s Texting-While-Driving Ban Not Reducing Crashes, Hard To Enforce

Iowa’s law banning texting while driving is failing to reduce road crashes, and officers seldom enforce it because of legal restrictions, an IowaWatch investigation shows. Crash history reports from the Iowa Department of Transportation show that since the Iowa Legislature enacted it in July 2011, the law has not decreased cell-phone related crashes.